The Pimp Game: A De-structional Guide

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

The quotes below are from a book titled The Pimp Game: An Instructional Guide, written by self-proclaimed pimp Mickey Royal in 1998.

Many reviews of The Pimp Game praise Royal’s honest representation of a dog-eat-dog world, and applaud his infamous statement than "every person must pimp or be pimped". Some express a belief that he’s speaking metaphorically. Royal’s Machiavellian methods and mindset display widely how ‘pimp’ culture is accepted and how a sex trafficker can mask as a pimp for societal and legal protection. Though Mickey Royal doesn't know it, he's describing step-by-step instructions on how to form a trauma bond, a common form of psychological coercion used by sex traffickers to exploit their victims. As Royal instructs his reader how to use sexual assault, money, verbal and psychological abuse to dominate men and women in order to exploit them, he compares a pimp to a lion, a king, a vampire and an empty shell, and gives specific examples of words to say and actions to take to make sure a ‘ho’ never has the self-esteem or the means to live without the ‘pimp’.

Not much more needs to be said. Royal's quotes below exemplify how sex traffickers masquerade as hustling "pimps" and use this narrative to gain a following, while clearly trafficking their victims for money:

“The Lord gave us pimps, and hos for pimps to feed off of, the same as the Lord provides the world with predators and prey.”

“How to knock a bitch and transform her into a ho? It is an intricate process of psychological destruction and emotional construction.”

“The pimp is evil personified. I’ve thought long and hard of a visual aid, a picture to give you of a pimp. When you think of a pimp, think of a vampire, Count Dracula. The pimp has no love in his heart for a ho. A pimp has no love in his heart for any but himself. When he establishes his game, he constructs paths so all roads lead to himself. The pimp wants your soul.”

“A pimp is a shell. He feeds off your soul, like a vampire. A pimp must be chosen by a ho. A ho must choose him, like a vampire must be invited in. The victim must invite him in.”

“Remember, the vampire has no family, no friends, and no peers. The vampire has subjects under his spell. The pimp has no soul except the souls he collects.”

“A pimp is the room to his ho (the renter) and a pimp becomes whatever she needs: a father, brother, friend, protector, child, lover or whatever. His identity depends on her need.”

“(A mack) sells his ho with the idea of team or family. A ho feels as though she’s making an investment with a mack, as opposed to complete the servitude relationship with a pimp.”

“(The ho) is the most exploited and abused member of the game. But without the ho, there would be no game. I used the pronoun ‘she’ when referring to a ho. But understand that hos are about 50/50 male/female. I use the feminine pronoun to show submissiveness. The ho is the only member/player in the game that doesn’t receive what she expects.”

“The ho actually schools the pimp or the mack in the proper ways to exploit her.”

“A ho never leaves the game. The game ejects her. It’s the game and how it’s played, nothing personal. When she can no longer produce what’s needed of her, she is ejected from the game. The soul she sold to the pimp for entry into the game is never returned.”

“A ho’s desire can’t be fed because she has a need that isn’t material- security, love, acceptance, confirmation of one’s self worth, etc. Just as a young men join gangs for the same reason, a ho exchanges something she can see for something she can’t. This leaves the door open for exploitation, abuse and misuse.”

“A mack sells a ho a dream like a manager promising her to Hollywood and make her a star. By the time she realizes she’s been had, she’s trapped.”

“She can’t leave because tomorrow might be that day. That day when that dream or fantasy she’s chasing comes true.”

“A ho is never happy, never satisfied….She pays a pimp for entry into a fairy tale world. She pays in money, time, self-respect, and her very soul.”

“Once you knock your bottom girl, she will go out and recruit for her pimp. He has absolute power over his bottom woman and has so absorbed her soul that he has an almost telepathic connection with her.”

“Once she (the ho) chooses (the pimp), then eye contact begins. Eye contact is to acknowledge ownership. You now own your ho. You don’t look at, talk to, or show interest in any ho who does not choose you.”

“You take away everything she has then give her what she needs. You, the pimp, are the cause as well as the solutions to all her problems. You give her the poison, then sell her the cure.”

“You must destroy her self-esteem. Start small. She is only to sit in the back seat of your car. She is not to touch you, kiss you, ask you questions. You don’t ever allow her to make eye contact.”

“I had a ho over a partner’s house. He and I played dominoes while she was made to strip nude. While standing, still nude, people came and went. She stood still and cried while visitors came and went. She stood still and cried while visitors touched, poked, prodded and even verbally abused her. I could feel her pain; then I made the pain stop. This process is called ‘breaking a bitch down’ or ‘knocking’.”

“If you and your victim are sexually active, then slow it down. Once a week is fine. After sex, take her shopping for one item. Hair and/or nails are fine. She will develop a feeling of accomplishment. The shopping after a month will be replaced with cash. The love making turns into raw sex. She’ll start to crave the intimacy and be willing to get back into your good graces. After you have broken her spirit she has no sense of self-value. Now pimp, put a price tag on the item you have manufactured.”

“It costs nothing to produce. She will never run out of it. She has it, she sells it and she still has it.”

“A pimp destroys a ho’s world and creates a world that caters to him. If she wishes to leave, you must let her go and forget about her. She’ll come back if you don’t chase her. But she must work her way back.”

“If the self-esteem isn’t low enough, you must lower it. Why? A ho is a piece of property. You’re selling real estate. You buy as low as you can and sell as high as the market allows.”

“A mack talks to all his hos at once. Since he is a friend or brother (remember) he can do so. They’re a team and he comes across as if he’s going to work with them and that they are all working together. A pimp talks to his hos one at a time. Why? Because the ho may feel embarrassed by what the pimp has her do. If there are no witnesses, there is no embarrassment.”

“The price to keep a ho down, is you have to stay down with her. To keep your foot on her neck means you can’t move either.”

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