The Anti-Human Trafficking Movement is Survivor Led.

Survivor Stories and Advocacy

Agnes Igoye, Survivor Advocate, Ugandan Deputy National Coordinator Prevention of Trafficking in Persons, and Founder of the Dream Revival Center, Huts for Peace, and Chains of Hope

Casandra Diamond, Survivor Advocate and Founder and Director of BridgeNorth

Karly Church, Survivor Advocate and Crisis Intervention Counselor with Durham Regional Police

Jerome Elam, Survivor Advocate and President and CEO of Trafficking in America Task Force

Dr. Alexandra Pierce, Survivor Advocate and Director of Operations and Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative

Dr. Stephany Powell, Survivor Advocate and Director of Law Enforcement Training and Survivor Sevices at National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Tom Jones, Survivor Advocate and Founder of the H.O.P.E. Project

Survivor Led Organizations

Ending the Game is a survivor-designed curriculum intended to educate on the psychology of sex trafficking exploitation. Trauma bonds, identity disruption, and PTSD are evaluated with the goal of trauma-informed recovery and support. A great resource for victim service providers, or those asking the question "why don't they just leave?"

The Survivor Alliance is a networking and empowerment organization by and for trafficking survivors. By providing learning, leadership, and engagement opportunities, survivors can find a way to transform trauma into treasured knowledge and expertise. Serving as community leaders allows survivors to leave a legacy that is greater than the traumas endured. Empowerment, like freedom, is an individual and collective journey.   


Project iRISE is a survivor-led, community-based not-for-profit organization providing innovative skills & leadership development programs & opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and those at risk. We provide trauma-informed and culturally responsive anti-trafficking programming and educational training for survivors, youth, caregivers, service providers to educate and empower our community.